s h a d e  m a r k e t

In Haiti, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans wafts through the air as every household prepares their morning brew. At the same time, amidst the bustle of NYC, a man anxiously answers emails while waiting in line for his cappuccino. Yes, everyone is drinking coffee, but the practices are distant. The differences and similarities in worldwide foodways drive Shade Market. We dig deep into the roots of our planet, working with sustainable farmers, home cooks and holistic doctors,  addressing the importance of food culture, nutrition and eating locally. Nothing is more essential than food to the health and well-being of us all. We encourage you to look at how food makes you feel. Food is energy, a source of passion and medicine. These connections are universal. Throughout our travels, we reveal the beautiful and sometimes ugly truth of global foodways. 

Shade Market strives to cultivate a more mindful way of eating, taking into heavy consideration where our food comes from, how it's prepared and what sitting down for a meal means in different cultures. Join us as we start our journey in the city and mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand, making our way through Asia & Europe, in 2015. Our findings are documented through this website and social media, feeding you inspiration daily. Please join us on this journey.



Paige Harte

Paige's passion for food stems from being raised in a household in which every meal was made at home. She and her mother would scout the abundant produce at LA farmer's markets and try new recipes until they were perfected. In wanting to learn more about food, Paige entered the restaurant industry at the age of 15 and worked her way up. In college, she balanced her literature degree while studying wine and hospitality to support herself. She did everything from pastry chef to Maitre d' among the best restauranteurs in America.

Her relationship with food had its complications, as she internally struggled with body image, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. In trying to heal herself, Paige discovered Ayurveda and yoga. She learned ways of eating and living in harmony, rather than at battle. She traveled to Bali to study yoga and become a certified teacher. She learned the beauty in living simply and the power of being present. Her passion for healthy living and eating inspired her to found Shade Market; a place where she could create a lifestyle, surrounding herself with the components she holds highest in life.


Jason Rivera

Before Shade Market, Jason worked as a chef in NYC for 8 years.  He has cooked in a wide range of venues, from greasy spoons in Brooklyn to upscale Manhattan restaurants.  When he'd had a few years of hands-on experience in the restaurant industry, Jason went to The French Culinary Institute (now The International Culinary Center) to hone his skills, and graduated in 2009.  Having worked under many talented chefs, he finally became one himself.

Jason was raised by a family of voracious eaters.  Mealtimes were opportunities to share with each other, and enjoy oneself.  Being a Puerto Rican-Jew, Jason experienced a wide range of dishes.  From his mother's light-as-a-feather matzoh balls, to his father's succulent pernil, he was educated on good food at a young age.  But there were exciting things outside of the house as well. Park Slope, Brooklyn is home to a great many pizza joints and, at one time, donut shops and convenience stores.  It was young Jason's personal mission to sample every one of the delights that all of these establishments had to offer.  This quest for new treats never ended and guided him toward finer foods, and the hospitality industry, as his tastes matured.  But after years as a chef, his hunger was still unsatisfied.

When Jason met Paige, working at a restaurant in Brooklyn, she told him about her idea to travel, eat, write, and give back to communities that she felt connected to. Jason was immediately intrigued.  It was with great delight that he accepted her invitation to join the Shade Market Project.