Peace New York: Prosperity Dumpling

The one place I never miss when I come to Chinatown to eat is Prosperity Dumpling. I have been devouring pork and chive dumplings here for the last ten years.  Even though it's a small, crappy-looking, greasy shack, I have been bringing dates, out-of-towners and whoever I could convince to come along for the ride.

Eldridge between Hester St. and Canal St.

Enter Prosperity and be prepared to be packed into a 6'x4' room with a line out the door. Be prepared to defend your spot in line. Your reward is the best fried dumplings in Chinatown. The rich, juicy pork filling is enrobed in a delicate and crisp wrapper. If there wasn't a mob crowding the front door, you would not believe that Prosperity could be so tasty. The other reason for the mob: these beauties are only $1 for four! Thank you Prosperity Dumpling for the memories and the delicious food. Peace!


Pork and Chive Dumplings bathed in Hot Sauce and Soy