Peace NY: Corner Bistro

A typical table scene at Corner Bistro

There are very few places left in NYC that recall pre-gentrified NY. The days when pornography was being sold freely on the streets, a coffee was 25 cents, and most of Brooklyn wasn't really safe for out-of-towners are all but gone.  Corner Bistro is one of those places, and it’s thriving at it’s original location in the west village. This old-school, dark wood, no-frills bar is packed everyday with people looking for a cheap drink and a great burger.

By great burger, I mean probably the best in the city.  The Bistro Burger is a fat patty, on top of a tiny white bun, with melted American cheese and bacon.  Now that already sounds really delicious, but it’s the details that make a burger great, and make the Bistro Burger iconic. There is almost no bun to speak of. The low bread-to-meat ratio lets the meat flavor shine through. The classic side fixings — lettuce, tomato, a fat slice of sweet white onion, and pickle slices — are never wilted. The brown mustard on every table (which could be Gulden’s for all I know) completes my favorite burger of all time. 

Yesterday,  I had a chance to share this gem for the first time with Paige and our friend Sally. They were blown away. I was blown away for the hundredth time. 

Corner Bistro got me drunk, fed me and gave me a place to relax through the years when I was struggling to break into the culinary industry, and rub two dimes together.  Thank you Corner Bistro. I love you; I’ll miss you. Peace!


Corner of W.4 St. and Jane