Moderate Yourself

With Thanksgiving a couple days away, it's fitting to discuss this topic which few Americans have mastered: why is it that we can't seem to monitor ourselves in eating moderately?

Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving

Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving

We've heard it countless times - eat until just before you feel full. Why don't we listen to our bodies? It's not like we feel good after we stuff ourselves to the point where it's hard to breathe. The human body can use up to 80% of its energy to digest food. If we could make this process easier on our systems - by consuming whole foods that are easily digested, heavy in nutrients, and stopping before we're full - think of the energy we could save and use towards other activities.

By no means am I one of the few Americans that has mastered moderation, but it's something I continuously work on. What can we do to make it better? It comes down to self-control and noticing how food makes you feel - physically, emotionally, mentally. When you are present and conscious of what you're eating, moderation comes easier.

With Thanksgiving and most American holidays, all reasonable eating habits tend to dissipate. We'd like to extend the challenge of eating in moderation this year. Make dishes with seasonal vegetables that are packed with nutrients. Take the time to savor the food that has taken so long to prepare. Notice when you are starting to get full. Take a break, and go on a walk around the block. You can always have seconds, if you're still hungry. Drink wine while your food digests, because not all aspects should be moderated... Just kidding... Happy almost Thanksgiving!