Peace NY: Franny's

If you have been following the “Peace NY” series you may have been wondering: isn’t Shade Market about healthy, sustainable food? Why are they posting all these greasy spoons and pizza joints? Well, those places are, for better or worse, a part of NY food culture.  We seek to understand and present to you all aspects of food culture wherever we are.  Today, we showcase a restaurant that is part of NYC’s new food culture.

Seasonal crostini are a staple of Franny's menu.

            Franny’s is an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn that serves pizza, antipasti, and pasta. They also have a beverage program complete with great cocktails, beer, and an affordable wine list.  But what makes Franny’s noteworthy is their approach to healthy, local, sustainable cooking. Their food is Italian, but uses almost exclusively local ingredients. Not only is it good for the environment and local business, but it also creates dishes that are unique. They are very Italian in style and execution, while still having the essence of the American Northeast.  The ever popular clam pizza is a great example of this fusion. Nepolitano style pizza acts as a canvas for the presentation of clams which are essential to American Northeastern Cuisine.  Another important note about the food is that it’s very tasty. Italian cooking is about nuance and detail. Franny’s clearly spends money to make sure the olive oil they use is top-notch.  They take the time to rub garlic on the toast they serve for crostini. These small details are what sets Franny’s food on a higher level than 99% of other restaurants in Brooklyn.  Despite offering no classic entree dishes, the menu at Franny’s includes a variety of seasonal vegetables, meats and seafood. A well-rounded, healthy meal is always available at Franny’s.

Clam Pie, Meatball & Caciocavallo Pie & Mushroom Calzone

            I could blab on and on about their earth-friendly cleaning products or their sustainable electricity, but Franny’s is also important to me on a personal level. In the mid-2000’s, when I was starting up as a line cook in NY, my brother and I took my mother to Franny’s for her birthday.  I had never eaten food so delicious. I had never drank that quality of wine. I will never forget the crostino with peach-butter and pancetta.  Not only did Franny’s make my mother happy on her birthday (big points), it also was an experience that helped shape my view on food and cooking.  Franny’s is located at 348 Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. I would suggest that you all go eat at Franny’s and post lots of pictures on Instagram so that Paige and I can live vicariously through you while we are traveling.  Love you Franny’s.  Peace!