Peace NY: Corner Bistro

There are very few places left in NYC that recall pre-gentrified NY. The days when pornography was being sold freely on the streets, a coffee was 25 cents, and most of Brooklyn wasn't really safe for out-of-towners are all but gone.  Corner Bistro is one of those places, and it’s thriving at it’s original location in the west village. This old-school, dark wood, no-frills bar is packed everyday with people looking for a cheap drink and a great burger.

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Peace New York

NYC is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is a city equally important for pleasure seekers, business people, and those who are looking for a new beginning. But, hell, I could wax poetic all day about the essence of NYC, here is the point: after 27 years of living here I am leaving to move across the world in just two weeks!

Anyone reading this who knows New York also knows that New Yorkers are obsessed with their spots. You know, the Chinatown spot, or the doughnut spot, the 24 hour spot. Whatever type of place it may be, over the years these places start to define our experience as much as the good friends we take there. So, in an attempt to say an appropriate goodbye to New York, I present to you the "Peace New York" series; a salute to the places in New York that I will miss dearly. In this way, I can share my spots with my good friends (you) one last time before departing.