Mindful Eating: A Struggle with Meat

Towards the end of the year, many of us self-reflect and evaluate what we want for ourselves. My continuing hope is to listen to my body. Over the last 4 years, I’ve struggled with what my body is saying about whether or not I should eat meat.

This is not a moral objection to eating meat masquerading as a health concern. I want to, I really do. This is especially true as I embark on this project exploring and reporting on all things in the intersection between humans and food. But, certain meats just don’t agree with me. Where most people get energy from meat-protein, I feel weighed down, and my body has a hard time processing it. Some meats go down more harshly than others: I was not-so-kindly reminded after eating lengua & cabeza tacos last week. But, some meats don’t affect me at all, like chicken and rabbit. I am not the type of person to deprive myself of things I like, but there has to be some self-control if they end up hurting me.

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